Monday, 22 July 2013


Not posted for a while and I apologise but not much been happening here.
A couple of projects are in the pipeline, probably to be looked at later in the year.

Ultimate 2 QRSS kit build.
Another go at EI9GQ 2m transverter
Compact 2m linear PA using Mitsubishi module.
30m portable rig for camping with matching 1/2 wave endfed aerial.
Maybe try to get a signal out on 160m or improve 80m reception.

HF conditions have been quite poor lately, a bit disappointing for this stage of the solar cycle.

Other news is the weather has been great here for the last couple of weeks, very hot for the UK.


  1. Good morning Ian, my XYL's mom is in the UK and she speaks with her each week and we have been kept up to speed on the warm weather there.....and they have no air conditioning as it was not needed in the past. Well it sounds like your fall and winter will be loaded with projects. It is a nice way to pass the time when the bands are in poor shape.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Yes the weather has been great but not really warm enough to purchase air-con ;-)
    Shame the bands are so poor but still enjoying the hobby.